Neri Torrigiani © Clara Vannucci

Neri Torrigiani set up his Studio in 1992, focusing primarily on graphics and packaging (for diverse businesses such as fashion houses, auction houses and wine producers), on communications and public relations (ranging from the setting up of the opening events for the most prestigious boutiques in the historic centre of Florence, to the creation of specialized guides and of many websites), on the organization of events (art, fashion and crafts exhibitions) and on interior design.

Neri Torrigiani works with many of the most important players in  Florence’s contemporary scene, such as  the Marino Marini Museum, Virgilio Sieni’s ‘Cantieri Goldonetta’, the ‘Gregor von Rezzori Literary Prize – Città di Firenze’ he is a member of the  Organizing Committee, the ‘Fabbrica Europa’ Association, of which he is a founding partner, and its festival of the same name. He was also a founding partner and manager of the Art project Quarter, the ‘Centro Produzione Arte’, as well as the co-founder of Extre Toscana Contemporanea for which he also worked as the head of communications in the EX3 centre.

Neri Torrigiani is the creator and organizer of the exhibition “Artigianato e Palazzo” begun in 1995; founding member of Associazione CORRI LA VITA Onlus, member of the Organization Committee and project manager of the charity project presided over by marchioness Bona Frescobaldi that has been honoured in 2012 with the “Fiorino d’Oro della Città di Firenze” by the Major Matteo Renzi; member of the Organization Committee and project manager of Festival degli Scrittori and Gregor von Rezzori prize; founding member of the Association Amici della Galleria dell’Accademia of Florence wanted by the director Cecilie Hollberg;


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